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16423 NE Woodinville Duvall Rd

Transforming $1,600,000 into $1,800,000

We're thrilled to share the success story of recent clients who discovered us on YouTube. They sought our assistance in selling their home valued at $1.6 million. We invested $20,000 in upgrades, with no upfront costs for them. We even included premium staging at no extra charge.

We listed the house at $1.75 million and received multiple offers within 5 days, ultimately closing at $1.8 million. This extra $200,000 was thanks to our strategic planning, top-tier staging, and innovative marketing. Our approach included high-quality photography, videography, 3D tours, and expertly crafted presentations, all made possible by the vacant status of the house.

This success story showcases our commitment to achieving the best outcomes for clients through strategic planning and cutting-edge marketing. We're delighted to have helped these sellers maximize their property's value and turn their real estate dreams into reality.

4517 170th NE, Redmond

Transforming $700,000 into $1,000,000

Turning real estate dreams into reality is our pleasure, as Greg's success story demonstrates our expertise in maximizing property value, even in tough markets.

 Greg approached us after we sold a neighboring unit in 6 days for $1 million. A year later, despite market fluctuations, we helped Greg achieve his goals. 

Initially valued at $700,000, Greg's townhome had great potential. We invested $60,000 and 60 days in remodeling, resulting in a swift $1 million sale, yielding a $300,000 profit. 

Our commitment to exceptional results in a short timeframe sets us apart. In 2 months, we transformed Greg's townhome into a million-dollar masterpiece, showcasing our ability to unlock property potential.

16816 NE 107th Street Redmond

Transforming $850,000 into $1,200,000

Christine and Doug had called their house a home for over two decades. When they first approached me, their property was valued at around $850,000 in its current condition – an as-is valuation.

Seeing the potential of their home, I suggested some strategic improvements and Christine and Doug invested $55,000 into enhancing the property. The transformation was astonishing.

We wasted no time in listing their newly revitalized home, and the response was phenomenal. Incredibly, within just three days, we not only received multiple offers but also accepted an offer above the asking price. The excitement was palpable, and it was a resounding success.

The final sale price? A jaw-dropping $1.2 million! The look of joy and satisfaction on Christine and Doug's faces was priceless, and it was an honor to have played a part in their incredible journey. This story underscores the power of strategic upgrades and effective marketing, and it's a testament to the remarkable results we can achieve together.

10047 Main St Bellevue

Transforming $900,000 into $2,200,000

Ed, a seasoned real estate professional, sought Bellevue's top broker to facilitate a significant life change. His heartfelt aspiration: sell his Bellevue home and relocate to be closer to family in a Portland retirement community. This marked the beginning of an inspiring journey.

From day one, we assumed full responsibility for every facet of the process. We efficiently managed packing, coordinated with the moving company, orchestrated an estate sale, and facilitated item removal. A pre-inspection and essential repairs were seamlessly handled. Our meticulous approach extended to a comprehensive makeover, encompassing painting, cleaning, and staging to distinguish his home.

In contrast to three stagnant units in Ed's complex, which lingered on the market for 90+ days, Ed's home, guided by us, sold within 8 days. The astounding final sale price: $2.2 million!

Our remarkable success prompted inquiries from competing unit owners, intrigued by our methods. Our response was straightforward: unparalleled attention to detail, exceeding expectations, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. We firmly believe that giving more yields more.

4519 170th Pl NE

Transforming $735,000 into $1,305,000

When I first encountered this situation, the seller was in a tough spot. They had already listed their property at $775,000 with another agent and were struggling to attract any offers after 10 days on the market. The frustration was evident, but that's where I stepped in.

I introduced myself to the seller and explained the unique listing services we offer. They were hesitant at first, but something clicked when I presented a cash offer of $735,000 with no contingencies. The relief on their faces was palpable as they accepted the offer.

We didn't stop there. Recognizing the potential of the property, I invested over $200,000 in remodeling. The transformation was nothing short of spectacular. Within just 5 days, I managed to sell the property for a staggering $1,305,000. The seller's eyes widened in disbelief at the final sale price.

Reflecting on this journey, it's clear that had the seller been aware of our services from the beginning, they could have potentially gained an extra $150,000. It's moments like these that remind me why I'm passionate about what I do – helping clients maximize their returns even in the most challenging situations.